• Title: Dateable Are You? Are They?
  • Released: 1905-06-25
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 224
  • ASIN: B0033V4SEW
From the Inside Flap Quotes about Justin:

"Justin Lookadoo understands teens and what's even more amazing they understand him."--Vicki Spriggs, executive director, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission

"Wherever he goes he is like the pied-piper of teens. They follow him around just waiting for him to say something that will change their lives."--Andy Hyde, publisher, The Clever Factory

"Justin Lookadoo communicates to youth, adults and entire families. He has a powerful, unique and highly effective way of reaching kids. Wow...do they ever listen!"--Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries

"I sincerely believe if our students had heard Justin speak when they were teens many would not be locked up in our prison now."--Bud Gossett, retired principal, Windham School District, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

"After a motorcycle accident put big white scars across my arms and stomach I was sure I would never enter another beauty pageant. Justin (Lookadoo) taught me to stay focused, work hard, use a little black body paint and develop the courage to go on."--Sheena Simmons, Miss East Texas, Miss Texas USA Contestant

"It has been said that procrastination occurs because of lack of enthusiasm. If that is the case then Justin (Lookadoo) should never be troubled with procrastination because he has more enthusiasm than any person I have ever seen."--Michelle Miller, assistant principal, Rice Elementary

From the Back Cover Dateable: having an internal sense of confidence, control, and sexuality that inadvertently attracts members of the opposite sex, resulting in positive effects before, during, and after the relationship.

How Dateable are you? Check out this book and increase your Dateability!

Girls, did you know?
- Guys will lie to you to get what they want
- If he'll do it for you, he'll do it to you
- If he doesn't call it doesn't mean he hates you
- A guy will treat you like you are dressed
- You might be talking too much
- He doesn't want sex with you because he loves you, he wants it 'cuz you're a girl and you're willing
- Guys love a mystery

Guys, did you know?
- If you're too scared to ask her, then you're not man enough to go out with her
- Girls will lie to themselves to get what they want
- Girls love it when you plan things
- You control how far you go
- Girls have their own kind of porn
- You can be a "real man" without becoming a "bad boy"
- Girls don't understand you

Justin Lookadoo
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Favorite Food: Fast
Favorite Color: Eggplant
Favorite Book: The ones he writes
Hobbies: Origami, lawn bowling
Dateability: * * * * ½ (Stars)

Hayley Morgan
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Food: Yes
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Book: Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography
Hobbies: Spear fishing, Ham radio
Dateability: * * * * * (Stars)

Check out more about being Dateable at www.lookadoo.com

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