• Title: The Reign of the Greyhound
  • Author: Cynthia A. Branigan
  • Released: 2004-01-02
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 0764544454
  • ISBN13: 978-0764544453
  • ASIN: 0764544454
From the Inside Flap The history of the Greyhound parallels the history of western civilization. Records show the breed has been with us for nearly 8,000 years. The only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible, the Greyhound has inspired poets and artists alike through the millennia, from the works of Homer and Shakespeare to the decoration of the Pharaohs ’ temples to masterpieces of Renaissance art. Today, Greyhounds have been brought into public awareness via the many adoption programs that place ex-racers as pets. Greyhounds who start life as racers now have the opportunity for a second career as cherished members of the family.

Written by well-known and respected Greyhound expert Cynthia Branigan, The Reign of the Greyhound is a highly readable, thoroughly researched history of this noble breed. This updated edition features a new chapter on the current state of ex-racer adoptions, as well as newly unearthed historical information and more spectacular examples of Greyhounds in art throughout the ages.

Full of fascinating facts, historical context, racing lore, and myth debunkers, The Reign of the Greyhound traces the Greyhound’s richly detailed life story, from its ancient origins to the current popularity of owning a former racer as a companion animal. Branigan’s passion for and firsthand knowledge of Greyhounds shines through on every page as she discusses these affectionate, athletic, yet gentle dogs. Branigan introduces us to the many branches of the breed’s family tree, notes the Greyhound’s place in Greek and Roman mythology, and traces the evolution of the Greyhound from sacred companion to racing dog to family pet. You’ll discover how, thanks to the efforts of dedicated, caring people, many ex-racers now have a new leash on life through adoption programs–and why Greyhounds so captivate their owners with their speed, grace, and sensitivity.

Featuring more than 100 striking black-and-white illustrations, including Greyhounds in art, famous Greyhounds, and racing photos from yesteryear, The Reign of the Greyhound is the authoritative, celebratory reference of choice for Greyhound adopters and enthusiasts alike.

From the Back Cover The regal history of a revered, elegant breed

They were one of the first wild animals to come under the protection of humans. They have sat at the feet of the Pharaohs. Their likenesses have graced coins, stamps, seals, and coats of arms. And they have won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide with their sweet nature, intelligence, and grace.

Beautifully illustrated with more than 100 black-and-white reproductions and photos, The Reign of the Greyhound is a rich, historical testimony to the breed, celebrating its extraordinary place in canine history and human civilization. Passionately written by Greyhound expert Cynthia Branigan, this updated edition features new information on the history and current state of ex-racer adoptions, which save the lives of thousands of Greyhounds each year. From ancient Egypt to modern times, from the temple to the show ring to the track, you’ll see how this noble breed has evolved from a royal pet to a racing dog to a loving companion–and you’ll no doubt deepen your understanding and appreciation of this fine animal, whose regal history has been too long ignored.

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