• Title: Pioneers From 1629 to 2009
  • Released: 2009-11-30
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 92
  • ASIN: B007ECLT1Q
About the Author My Biographical Sketch I began life as the youngest child born to Martin and Margaret Ray. I still am the youngest even though I am now eighty years old. I have had many interesting things occur in my life. When my siblings began to leave home for whatever reason: college, marriage, military service, I had to take over their chores and add them to the ones I already had. Then they came home for visits and brought their children so I did a lot of babysitting, I wouldn't have changed any of that if I could. My first nephew, when I tried to teach him to call me Aunt Marian, it didn't come out right, so I taught him to call me Nanny. I am now Nanny (or Aunt Nanny) to a bunch of folk, those nieces and nephews and the next two generations. I also have four children and eight grandchildren. In school I was in the class in the 1940's when a ninth month was added to the school year and the twelfth grade, too. All the rest got through with eight months and eleven grades. I was the third one in my family to marry a Bob. Stella, Ruth and I all have a Bob, a son with that name and I have a grandson with that name. We also have two dachshunds named Bob or Bob Junior. And one female dog named Bob. I retired in 1981 after teaching in ten different schools in grades 4,5,6,7, and 8 in NC.

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