• Title: Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 61
In marketing, you have to get your message in front of the people who are looking for the solution to their problems. Your product or service is important to your customers, but if they do not know about you, they won’t find you.

So what do you do to get your product in front of prospective customers?

Social media marketing is the number one way to join in with your prospects so that they can get to know you, like you and trust you. It lets them see you and how you handle yourself.

Prospects are on the social networks, tweeting about their lunches, posting pictures of kittens and babies on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest and networking on LinkedIn. It may not look like the kind of place that you want to spend any time with your business advertising, but you would be surprised at the results that can be obtained by simply adding social media to your marketing mix.

Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing is the resource you need to set your social media presence up for success. It will reveal the tricks to proper branding so that your prospects can easily identify with you and how you can help them solve a problem that they are having.

Your brand is your identity.
Use your brand to unify your message. All social media communication should enforce that brand. If you share kittens, do it from your personal profile, not your business page. That is why it is crucial to create a page for your business, so that when you communicate outside of your branding, you can use your personal profile and communication your brand message using the business page.

Gather your prospects.
Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to bring together all of the people that have identified themselves as your ideal prospects. Using these groups, you have the ability to educate your prospects on the benefits of your product or service. Even more important, you should grow an email list of prospects, too, so that you can contact them with special offers when they are away from their social media. Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing can help you figure out the best way to tackle these networks.

Why buy Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing?
Using social media marketing will make it possible to brand your business in a variety of ways. In the book, I talk about the social networks that YOU MUST BE ON! I didn’t cover YouTube or any of the video sharing sites, but having a profile and/or page on them for your business will help – as long as you use them to communicate your brand message.

I tell you that it will take work… you will need to brand yourself. That means looking at your business and deciding on what your business really is all about. Slapping a brand together is as bad as not having one.

The importance of the social networks I do cover will become evident as you dig into the chapters. The whole process of building your brand and marketing it on social media is an evolutionary process. You do not need to throw your message on all networks immediately. Start with one, then add each of the others as your marketing matures.

Social Net Effect can help you by showing you how to do your social media branding yourself! I reveal how your social media message can properly convey your brand to the people who need your product and service. This targeted approach is so much more valuable than a disjointed mishmash of messages to people who are not paying attention.

This book will give you the knowledge to help you use these social media tools wisely, because your business depends on your message making it to the people who are looking for a solution to the problems that your product or service will solve.

As a bonus, I will also give you a guide to social media marketing tools that will help you save time. Go ahead and buy Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing and take control of your social media marketing!

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