• Title: Discovering QuickTime: An Introduction for Windows and Macintosh Programmers (QuickTime Developer Series)
  • Author: Inc. Apple Computer, George Towner
  • Released: 1999-05-24
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 515
  • ISBN: 0120596407
  • ISBN13: 978-0120596409
  • ASIN: 0120596407
If you are doing any kind of multimedia software development at a programming level, you are probably using Apple's QuickTime technology and Discovering QuickTime should be on your shelf, if not on your desk.

Written by the lead writer for QuickTime technical documentation, Discovering QuickTime caters to both Macintosh and Windows application programmers. It includes a wide array of example movies on the accompanying CD-ROM, along with the source code and API headers that will allow you to include QuickTime in your programs.

The programming examples are both valuable and clear, but the strongest chapter is "Working with Digital Media." It includes important discussions on some often overlooked issues like image compression and compression tradeoffs, sound data compression, and working with other digital file types in QuickTime movies like text and still images.

Another important discussion centers on "Programming for Windows," where the differences between MacOS and Windows QuickTime are discussed, and how the terminology between the two platforms can be bridged with some common definitions.

This is not a book for someone dabbling in multimedia, or a passive viewer of QuickTime movies. However, if you are a game programmer, or someone programming the next version of that killer multimedia application, this book is an invaluable reference for learning to use and getting the most from QuickTime. --Mike Caputo

From the Back Cover Part of QuickTime Developer Series. Written for programmers, multimedia designers, and everyone interested in the latest media technology, this book gives you a step-by-step introduction to QuickTime programming, from movies and animation to streaming video on the Internet. The CD-ROM in the back provides working applications, sample code, and the essential programming resources you need to get started.

QuickTime sets the standard for worldwide distribution of multimedia content. An increasing number of Windows and Macintosh application developers use its extensive toolkit to bring time and action to their programs. If you're going to compete in today's multimedia world, you need to understand QuickTime.

What can QuickTime do for you?
QuickTime is a complete system for working with all aspects of digital media. With QuickTime, you can:
* Build, play, and edit movies on both Windows and Macintosh computers.
* Fill your movies with a wide range of video, audio, graphic, and animation data, using most popular formats and compression standards.
* Create Windows and Macintosh movie files that you can stream over the Internet or deliver on CD-ROM.
* Make animated graphics with interactive capabilities.
* Compose and play synthetic sounds and music, using QuickTime's built-in MIDI synthesizer.
* Create virtual reality environments and 3D interactive models.

This book shows you how to harness the power of QuickTime. It doesn't take weeks of work to achieve sophisticated multimedia effects; fewer than a dozen lines of Java or C can bring the power of QuickTime into your application.

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