• Title: How to do Hunan cuisine- Fried bacon carrot(with picture)
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Do not use salted radish, and the best selection of the kind of direct sun-dried moisture; if salty bacon, then boiled in advance what will be boiled out of the water drained on the line.
Radish selection method
The radish has pretty color Huang Liang, strip uniform, thick, meaty aroma, salty appropriate, crisp and refreshing, delicious taste of the features that people usually say "color, aroma, sweet, crisp, fresh," five unique , and has a natural sweetness of fresh radishes after eating rich aftertaste feeling.

Detailed Method
Ingredients: 250 g bacon village
Ingredients: 100 grams of dried radish, garlic 50 grams.
Sauce: vegetable oil 50 grams, Hong Ganjiao, soy sauce 10 grams, 2 grams of salt, monosodium glutamate 1 gram, sesame oil 15 grams.
Production methods:
1. Bacon washed, cage steam cooked, let cool, cut into 4 cm long, 3 cm wide, 0.3 cm thick slices; radish bubble hair washed, cut into 1 cm long segment; garlic pick wash, cut 2 cm long segment.
2. Net pot stir, put eighty percent oil burn hot, the next piece of bacon stir Stir oil, grilled bacon on the side of the pot, Jialuo Bo, dried chili, salt and tasty stir-fry, add soup, MSG and bacon stew while a few minutes, to close dry soup, add garlic, stir fry pan toss, pour sesame oil, transfer to a plate and serve.
Crisp bacon, fat but not greasy, crispy and spicy radish, taste very beautiful.

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