• Title: Everything But The Squeal (new version with images)
  • Released: 2012-04-26
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 320
  • ASIN: B007Y94T6Q
From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. Self-confessed glutton, travel writer and novelist Barlow (Eating Mammals; Intoxicated) doesn't scrimp on either culinary or cultural delights in this charmingly informative and witty narrative. Barlow, a resident of the relatively unknown corner of Spain, sets himself the task of consuming every part of the staple meat of rural Galicia. Traveling with his Spanish wife, a vegetarian, and his infant son, Barlow serves up vivid tales encountered during the year dedicated to his porco-graphical tour. But this tale is more than a culinary treat. Barlow is a companionable guide expounding upon history, traditions and the personalities of Galicia. His writing style is quick, lively and filled with delicious details. He takes readers on a sublime journey of the senses, including three Carnivals, one in Laza, a thousand-year-old event, combining ant throwing and a pig head bacchanal. He explores why the cousin of Fidel Castro lives at the end of a dark muddy lane in a pokey hamlet, and tracks down Antón, the most famous pig in Galicia. And he indulges in a 12-course meal, including ribs, at one of Spain's most lauded restaurants. As the ribs sit in the gentle heat, that glorious, fat-infiltrated meat is slowly transforming into what was for me one of the most spellbinding dishes I have ever eaten. (Nov.)
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From Galicia cradles the village of Cervantes, ancestral origin of the family that produced Spain’s greatest novelist, but the creature arguably dearest to natives of Galicia is the pig. This ancient land, now Spain’s northwest quadrant, reveres the pig and makes diligent use of every part of the animal. The hind legs become exceptional cured hams, and lesser parts yield chorizo, liberally seasoned with pungent pimentón. Many of the pig’s best cuts end up in cocida, the local boiled dinner that features fresh pork and smoked sausages in a broth thick with vegetables. Fish figures in Galician cuisine as well, especially their beloved octopus. Married to a Galician, Barlow knows Galicians intimately and finds them warm but contrarian, hesitating ever to answer questions in the affirmative, a custom that drags out every conversation and encounter. Barlow introduces readers to some remarkable contemporary Galicians, including Fidel Castro’s cousin. --Mark Knoblauch

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