• Title: Bukky and Friends
  • Released: 2013-04-23
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 81
  • ASIN: B00CI5D3NQ
Bukky and Friends
…a modern African children’s book classic.

After always being the best student in primary school, Bukky is excited to gain admission into Coral College and begin a whole new experience as a secondary school student. The inquisitive eleven-year-old girl quickly settles into her new school and makes new friends.

It’s all smooth sailing for Bukky until she discovers she may not, after all, be an academic genius she’d always boasted she is; since someone else, David, - and not she - is getting the best scores in class.

But Bukky is not just being bested by David in class tests, assignments and examinations; the new boy is also the teachers’ favourite student and the JS One class captain. Puzzled because she is not used to playing second fiddle, Bukky’s inquisitiveness subtly turns to rivalry and she inadvertently stirs a silent class row with David, and also unwittingly drags in their best friends.

Trouble almost gets out of hand until Bukky’s and David’s mothers are invited to school and the two junior school students discover the things that really matter; and that they share more in common than they knew…

The author, Kelvin Keshi is a new breed Nigerian writer, journalist and advocate for change. He is also the author of Agu the son of the gods, an African epic.

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