• Title: Successful IT Project Delivery: Learning the Lessons of Project Failure
  • Author: David Yardley
  • Released: 2002-12-20
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 0201756064
  • ISBN13: 978-0201756067
  • ASIN: 0201756064
From the Back Cover

The repeated failure of IT projects to deliver an adequate return on investment remains a pressing concern in the industry. In a climate where corporate development budgets are being reviewed or even withdrawn, IT projects are no longer seen as a means to deliver automatic benefits into the organization.

In Successful IT Project Delivery, author and experienced IT consultant David Yardley examines the causes of this catalog of underachievement and provides the reader with an opportunity so often denied within their own workplace – to learn the lessons from project failure.

A core theme in the book is that IT project failure is not simply a technical issue which can be resolved with technology, but also a business issue, requiring ownership, commitment and understanding from those who seek business change through the use of IT. When the business and IT strategies within an organization do not complement and support each other, things can go wrong very quickly.

Key features:

    • International case histories of failed IT projects, from the public and private sectors
    • Extracts from end-of-project reviews
    • Unique project "health-check" examination for each stage of the process
    • Troubleshooting chart to identify early warning symptoms and suggest corrective action
    • A list of 20 essential "lessons", drawn from previous project failures
    • A summary of popular IT methodologies and their strengths and weaknesses

    Successful IT Project Delivery recognizes that people, not technologies, are the key component of IT projects. Its lessons are addressed to all major project stakeholders: business sponsors, project managers and team members, IT professionals, consultants, and business users.

    David Yardley is currently a Principal Consultant for CACI (UK) Ltd. He has over fifteen years of experience working in the IT industry, covering a variety of business sectors, including aero-engineering, telecommunications, computer manufacture, transport, and public sector projects. His previous publications include Careers in Computing and IT and Getting a Top Job in IT.


    "Successful IT Project Delivery is practical and pragmatic: full of good advice and relevant examples. IT projects do not exist in isolation and this book adopts a business - based approach to success. Dave Yardley brings together in a structured way the key elements of common sense needed to make a project succeed from day one. Successful IT Project Delivery is also extremely readable and deserves to reach a wide audience."

    Steve Marquez, Managing Director, Information & Management Solutions Division, CACI Ltd

    "This book pulls together the various essential elements to ensure successful project delivery. The author is to be applauded for not just focusing on current hot topics but also for covering the less fashionable but equally crucial aspects of the job. If you are frustrated with your IS/IT projects, or about to begin a career in this area, you will benefit enormously from reading this book."

    Derek Fazackerly, Chairman, DSDM Consortium

    About the Author

    David Yardley is currently a Principal Consultant working for CACI (UK) Ltd and has over fifteen years' experience of working in IT industry. His experience spans IT projects within many different business sectors including: aero-engineering, computer manufacture, telecommunications, transport as well as many public sector projects.

    David is a member of the British Computer Society and has written articles for Computing on data centre automation and diagnosing network failure. He is also the author of Careers in Computing and IT andGetting a Top Job in IT, published by Kogan Page.

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