• Title: Photographic Mind: Holographic Memory System
  • Author: Dane Spotts, Nancy Atkins
  • Released: 1999-08-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 264
  • ISBN: 1892805243
  • ISBN13: 978-1892805249
  • ASIN: 1892805243
From the Publisher As more baby-boomers are reaching middle age, record numbers of people are looking for a solution to their aging memory. They are enrolling in memory seminars, eating memory enhancing foods, taking vitamin supplements, undergoing memory evaluations with psychologists, even experimenting with subtle means of expanding memory, such as aromatherapy.

Relax. Your memory is better than you think. And it holds far more potential than you could ever imagine.

The refreshing perspective of the approach taken in The Photographic Mind is that any "memory aid" you need for developing this resource you already possess. It is already in your mind and your body—right now. All it takes is the knowledge of how to set it free.

You’re about to learn exactly how to do this, with each of your Photographic Mind Workshops, which empower you to manage your memory resources using simple effective approaches that deliver immediate results. Day by day you’ll see your memory improve. With that improvement your self-confidence will soar.

This will happen for you. When it does, I hope you will pass this book along to a friend who is worrying abou their "failing memory." For yours wil be a thing of the past.

There is something else too. For as you are about to learn, the inherent value of owning a photographic mind is not in the details you recall, but in the flexible way this information is retained. It’s and uncanny ability that lets you intuit the immediate value of information by patterning it against the data organized in your memory banks (more about that idea later in the book).

Developing a photographic mind is a skill. One that will take you way beyond the boundaries that are limiting your potential today. But first, you need to remember where you put your car keys. And that’s covered in your first Photographic Mind Workshop.

About the Author Dane Spotts is the CEO of PSI TECH. He is also the founder and president of LifeQuest Industries, (formerly Zygon) a venture development group involved in cutting edge mind research projects.

A successful entrepreneur, he started his first business at age 20 and used the profits of his various enterprises to create mind tools. His inventions include the Brain Supercharger technology designed to shift consciousness and reprogram negative self-sabotaging beliefs, the SuperMind / MindQuest mind programming computer, and the Learning Machine®, which incorporates a patented 5-step accelerated learning process using light/sound sensory technology.

Dane Spotts is also the author of Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain and The Photographic Mind along with dozens of audio programs including: The Secret of Living the Perfect Life, Mind Power Secrets, How to Find Your Mission in Life & The Millionaire's Mind. Several of his programs have been purchased by the Central Intelligence Agency.

In July 2000, when Dane Spotts joined PSI TECH as an executive partner, he and Jonina Dourif merged PSI TECH with its new sister company, Mind Tek Research. Dane Spotts has committed to aggressively oversee the continuity and continued progress of PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing.

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