• Title: Reading the Water: A Life Spent Fishing
  • Released: 2005-09-09
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 224
  • ASIN: B009NFH1VO
Review 'A very enjoyable read ... Fishermen all over the world will like this book.' -- Jack Charlton 'a well-crafted, informative and highly enjoyable book that anglers and non-anglers alike will enjoy. Darryl's love of the pursuit of a wide variety of fish, from Perch to Giant Tuna, is equalled by his respect for each of the species and his concern for the preservation of the natural habitat so vital to their survival ... This is a most worthwhile book by one who is an accomplished writer and a consummate fisherman.' -- General Sir John de Chastelain 'Darryl writes fine descriptions of the highs and lows of making fishing programmes for television ... the passion is evident and the good days and bad days are eloquently described. I would highly recommend this book for anglers of all disciplines. I loved every page, and, best of all, his enthusiasm shines through. I'd share a day with him anytime. I know you'll enjoy this book as much as I did.' -- Paul Young - Hooked on Fishing 'A fine book ... No recent angling writer has so vividly evoked the joys and angst of pursuing wild fish in Ireland as Darryl Grimason. Curl up with this splendid book on a cold winter's evening and join him, with salt spray in your face off Kenbane Head and East Ferry or with a gentle breeze wafting down from the Maamturks, as he raises Melvin sonaghan and Corrib browns to his fly, hunts elusive Ferox and battles with blue sharks and other leviathans of the deep.' -- Jonathan Bardon 'A fascinating read for any Irish angler, whether his passion be sea, coarse or game fish. -- Rick Hewitt - Belfast Telegraph Belfast Telegraph The Belfast Telegraph 'I felt I was being given a glimpse of the inner workings of some secret society with its own rituals, traditions and legends. Even if the nearest you would want to go to a fist is having on on your plate, you should keep this book in mind when searching for a Christmas gift for the angler in your life.' -- Tony Galvin - Tuam Herald Tuam Herald 'A mesmerising account of the author's lifelong love affair with fishing that is both deeply personal and universally appealing.' -- Trout Fisherman

About the Author 'Born to fish and forced to work', Darryl Grimason is a TV reporter and presenter for BBC Northern Ireland. A native of County Armagh, he lives in Dollingstown with his wife Karen and two daughters. He has presented two popular television series about fishing, Coast to Coast and the award-winning Big Six.

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