• Title: Femmenism and the Mexican Woman Intellectual from Sor Juana to Poniatowska: Boob Lit (Breaking Feminist Waves)
  • Released: 2010-09-15
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 283
  • ASIN: B009AWG1AW

“Hind’s new book takes a highly original and seriously entertaining look at the performances of the role of the  ‘Mexican woman intellectual’ by writers from Sor Juana to Antonieta Rivas Mercado, Elena Poniatowska to Guadalupe Loaeza. In language as inventive and perverse as the careers of the women she has studied, Hind shows how a Busted Criticism can read sympathetically the Boob Lit written by Mexican Diva-Lectuals, Bearded Ladies, ‘Señoras’ and Barbies. No fan of saints, heroes, or notions of ‘relentless progress’ and ‘social improvement,’ Hind values the improper and the unreasonable in women’s writing. In her own work she balances an abundance of humorous wordplay with a more traditional critical language and exhaustive research to create a ‘femmenist’ voice that is at once playful, irreverent, and truly scholarly.”--Beth E. Jörgensen, University of Rochester

“With intelligence, knowledge, irreverence, and humor, Femmenism and the Mexican Woman Intellectual from Sor Juana to Poniatowska dispels our conceived notions about the construction of Mexican culture, women, and feminism. Hind’s cheeky tone engages readers’ hearts and minds while teaching us what she knows (and what a lot she knows!) about the culture, society, and literature of Mexico. Those interested in feminist theory, Mexico, or the writing of women, ignore this daring and painstakingly researched work at their peril. Few critics today have Hind’s intimate understanding of contemporary Mexico.”—Gustavo Pellón, University of Virginia

About the Author Emily Hind is Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming.  She is the author of a book of interviews with Mexican women writers, Entrevistas con quince autoras mexicanas, and has published over twenty articles in the field of Mexican studies.  She has been a regular contributor to the Mexican magazine Nexos and is the winner of the Feministas Unidas Essay Contest for her article on Rosario Castellanos.  She has written chapters for The Post-Boom Femenino Mexicano, Reading the US from Mexico, Negociando identidades, traspasando fronteras, and Approaches to Teaching the Works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

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