• Title: Living Sanibel: A Nature Guide to Sanibel & Captiva Islands
  • Author: Charles Sobczak, Photographers Dick Fortune and Sara Lopez, Alan S. Maltz, Rob Pailes, Sara Yunsoo Kim, Blake Sobczak, Hung V. Do, Clair Postmus and Illustrator Diane Peebles
  • Released: 2010-02-03
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 512
  • ISBN: 096761998X
  • ISBN13: 978-0967619989
  • ASIN: 096761998X
Review I never thought that I would spend Valentine's Day reading a nature guide but Charles Sobczak's monumental achievement, LIVING SANIBEL, is much more than a guide-it is a love poiem to our islands, a Valentine to Sanibel and Captiva. From the moment I began my journey through its pages, I was overwhelmed by the passionate sense of mission that drove Sobczak to catalogue and describe in reverential prose the most comprehensive record of Sanibel's history, flora and fauna ever compiled. LIVING SANIBEL is the first nature book I could not stop reading. Sanibel Author Joe Pacheco --The Islander of Sanibel and Captiva<br /><br />A thorough, well-researched, unique, yet sensitve personal accounting of birds, animals, insects and plants: our native island abundance. Priscilla Friedersdorf --The Island Sun<br /><br />LIVING SANIBEL reminds us once again of the vast natural treasures and biodiversity so well preserved on Sanibel, and will remain the definitive treatise on the islands' natural history and environment for years to come. --Dr. Jose Leal, Curator of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

A guide book this thorough, detailed, attractive and accessible is bound to promote curiosity, seducing readers into exciting first-hand experiences. As readers take their own personal jouneys through Sanbiel and Captiva, relishing their growing familiarity with the astonishing environment, they will share the joy that Mr. Sobczak felt in writing this book. It is, most of all, a guidbook for celebrating (and promoting) one delicious slice of the naturual world. --Philip K. Jason in THE FLORIDA WEEKLY

A colorful, informative guide to the most beautiful islands in the Gulf off southwest Florida, this book is essential for both vacationing visitors and residents, both longtime and newly transplanted.... The book includes tips for getting around the island and suggestions for bicycling and hiking trails, including several useful maps. Well-researched, user-friendly and easy on the eyes, LIVING SANIBEL is a wonderful guide for tourists discovering the natural beauty of the islands for the first time as wall as an impressive coffee table book for residents proud of the magical place they are lucky to live in. --Andrew Elias, Ft. Myers Magazine

About the Author Charles Sobczak is an award-winning author who lives and writes on Sanibel Island, Florida. His other titles include the best-selling Six Mornings on Sanibel, Way Under Contract, a Florida Story (out of print), Rhythm of the Tides, A Choice of Angels, Alligators, Sharks & Panthers: Deadly Encounters with Florida's Top Predators-Man and Chain of Fools. Several of his works have received regional as well as national awards. He is also a well known speaker who has appeared before numerous Audubon groups, conservation organizations and Historical Societies. His other passion is offshore fishing.

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