• Title: Color Style: How to Identify the Colors That Are Right for Your Home
  • Author: Carolyn Warrender
  • Released: 1996-09-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 128
  • ISBN: 0789202557
  • ISBN13: 978-0789202550
  • ASIN: 0789202557
White walls and neutral furnishings are safe, popular--and incredibly boring. When you really understand color, its powers to transform your home are virtually unlimited, not just with paint but through fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings, and accessories too. From vivid reds to subtle neutrals, color can work magic in our lives. Based on a system called "Living with Color," this vivid volume divides the spectrum into seven distinct natural-element palettes-- Air, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, and Minerals, plus Naturals--and explains how to choose the one that best suits your own style. A questionnaire helps you determine which element is the real you, and a room-by-room analysis demonstrates how color can enhance different aspects to achieve a particular atmosphere. If you like pastels, for example, you'll probably feel most comfortable with the Air palette's whispery shades, which work especially well in rooms with a lot of natural light. If, on the other hand, you're drawn to jewel tones, then the Fire palette will let you make a dramatic statement. With practical advice as well as eight step-by-step projects (including faux stonework, dividing wall space with simple trompe l'oeil panels, and making an easy fake Roman shade to turn a window into a focal point), Color Style simplifies the process of finding--and using--the colors that will make your home a true reflection of yourself. --Amy Handy

From Publishers Weekly Using her trademark "Living with Color" system, British designer Warrender assists home decorators in selecting interior colors that are at once harmonious and a reflection of their own personal tastes. She arranges the color spectrum into following palettes: Natural, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Mineral. Each palette is subdivided into warm and cool colors, and Warrender rotely asks readers to take a simple test to distinguish their preference between these two groupings before briefly noting each palette's characteristics. Aspiring decorators learn, for example, that the Earth Palette (shades of spruce, terracotta, olive and bayleaf) works well in rooms with dark wood furnishings. Because the accompanying color charts use British paint names, e.g. Evensong, Vespers, Swansdown, U.S. readers may need to do some research to find American equivalents. Chapters in Section II, "Living with Color," treat individual rooms ("The Kitchen"; "The Bedroom"), supplying detailed instructions for adding unique accents, such as constructing a dado railing for a narrow hallway or brightening up a home office with striped walls. This is a worthwhile color primer, despite the predominantly British cast of the illustrative interiors which reflect different conventions, e.g., multi-hued tiles in an entryway, from those more readily found in American homes.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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