• Title: Leap Years - How to Make the Rest of Your Years the Best of Your Years
  • Released: 2010-12-23
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 112
  • ASIN: B004H4XNEA
Have you ever thought that the life you're living isn’t at all the life you envisioned? Are you worried about what your future will be? Are you having trouble deciding who you want to be? You can use these simple life lessons to LEAP forward into the best years of your life!

Packed with Maryanne’s gentle, practical wisdom, Leap Years can inspire and motivate you to set and reach your goals for success at work, at home, at life. Stay focused on the truly important things in life...and make the Rest of Your Years the Best of Your Years!

Here’s what Maryanne’s readers are saying:

> There is no hidden agenda, no have tos, shoulds, or shouldn’ts, no magic gimmick or subscription to buy at the end in order to become rich and famous. Along the way I believe you will find that the keys to YOUR happiness and YOUR effectiveness are within YOU…just waiting to become fully expressed as YOU in the outer. There’s delicious fun stuff along the way, like, “Eat dark chocolate – It’s a delicious way to love yourself!” (Consultant)

> Maryanne gave me a chance to learn what I really want in life and make plans to get it.

> I have become a quieter person, less stressed about the things I can’t control.

> She has an uncanny way of knowing just what I need to inspire me. (Global Consultant, Trainer, Speaker)

> Maryanne is inspirational! Her presentations are always thought-provoking. My two favorites are “What’s in Your Dash?” and “Think Naked.” While listening to Maryanne, I went from laughter to tears and back to laughter while internalizing her message during brief moments of self-introspection. She engages her audience and encourages us all to stretch our reach. She is a true master speaker and sets the bar high for her peers! (Consultant, Trainer, Speaker)

> I finished it and loved it. Can’t wait until it’s actually published and out there for people to gain your insight on living one’s life by using inspirational words…I think most people do, but don’t actually realize they are doing so. I know I do, but never thought of it this way before. See, once again, that’s why we are such kindred spirits. (Retired Programs Assistant)

> Our memories of others and, more importantly, the things those memories inspire in us are indeed the greatest legacies. Your story about your sister was very inspirational and very honoring of her. Thank you for including it. God bless you. (Business Manager)

> Vera's story was very moving and encouraging. She makes me value simplicity, and inspires me to make use of the abilities God has given me, regardless of how they measure up to others. I’m running a 5k for the Special Olympics in my area. I'm told over 300 Special Olympians will be there, cheering and encouraging the runners. I expect there will be tears. Lots of tears. Thanks for allowing God to use you to touch the heart of a grumpy old man. (Master Scheduler)

> This small book is a bright jewel, brimming with hope, high ideals, honest emotions, and practical wisdom to help you be what you dream to be. (Corporate and Personal Success Trainer)

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